Eddie Cockrell, Variety, 16. 4. 2003

Laska shora
(Czech Republic)

A Cinemart release (in Czech Republic) of a Negativ, Unarfilm production. Produced by Petr Oukropec, Petr Marek. Directed, written, edited by Petr Marek, from his story.

With: Tereza Vilisova, Tomas Zakravsky, Magdalena Hruba, Prokop Holoubek, Petr Marek, Jana Provaznikova.


Dispensing with such niceties as pacing and plot structure, do-it-yourself feature "Love From Above" is well below par. "The fun appears slowly," debuting helmer Petr Marek cautioned the sparse Pilsen fest crowd, many of whom may still be waiting for it. Self-indulgent pic won't fly far from home in any format, with tube play its most logical fate.

Nudged by omniscient narrators, what story there is follows Marek's real-life friends Magdalena Hruba and Prokop Holoubek, seemingly average twentysomethings who after much hanging around their apartment block and environs through various seasons decide to travel some distance to witness a solar eclipse. As adventures unfold, pic exudes a film school fascination with itself, but only transcends that mindset with the arrival of a thrice-married middle-aged woman (Jana Provaznikova) with whom Holoubek has an impromptu heart-to-heart talk. Tech credits are strictly bargain basement, with ensemble camerawork that makes "The Blair Witch Project" seem stately by comparison and sophomoric experiments in sound (including a brief musical number) that fall far short of charming. Marek was a.d. on Jan Nemec's 2001 Locarno fest vid winner "Late Night Talks With Mother."

Camera (color, DV-to-35mm), Marek, Prokop Holoubek, Zdenek Elias, David Kristek, Magdalena Hruba, Filip Cenek; music, Marek, Jiri Nebesky, Holoubek, Hruba, Bohdan Karasek, Ondrej Kyas, Ondrej Sarek, Petr Vasa. Reviewed at Finale Pilsen Film Festival (competing), April 1, 2003. Running time: 103 MIN.

Date in print: Wed., Apr. 16, 2003,